We envision a strong and solid School of Saint Anthony Central Alumni Association (SSA-CAA) whose members are inspired and encouraged to reach their highest potentials. We envisage to grow a community of Anthonian servant leaders, mobilizing their ideas, talents, and resources towards extending support to fellow SSA Alumni, our Alma Mater, and to those who are in need.


The School of Saint Anthony Central Alumni Association fulfills its mission by:

  • building a strong network of Anthonians who will assist fellow SSA Alumni who are in search of jobs or business opportunities;
  • initiating projects and homecomings that will bring together and unite the SSA Alumni from across the globe;
  • creating projects that will benefit the entire Anthonian Community;
  • providing emotional support and financial assistance to bereaved family members;
  • supporting existing projects of the School of Saint Anthony such as the Annual Medical Mission and GABAY (Guidance and Basic Assistance to the Youth); and
  • recognizing and celebrating the achievements of the SSA Alumni in their respective fields.

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